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Agrochemical additives

Lauryl sodium sulfate (K12)

Lauryl sodium sulfate (K12)


CAS No.: 151-21-3

Chemical constitution: Sodium fatty alcohol sulfate ROSO3Na R:C12-14 alkyl group

Quality index:

Item Index
particle K12 liquid K12
premium grade qualified product premium grade qualified product
active matter, % ≥94 ≥86 30± 31±1
sulfate, %(relative to 100% active matter) ≤ 5.0 7.5 1.5 3.0
unsulfated matter, %(relative to 100% active matter) ≤ 2.0 3.5 2.0 3.5
Ph(1% aqueous solution) 7.0-9.0 7.0-10.0 7.0-9.0 7.0-10.0
color and lustre , (5% aqueous solution) Hazen ≤ 10 30 10 30
moisture, % ≤ 3.0 3.0 - -


This is white or light yellow particle solid or colorless to light yellow liquid, soluble in water. It has excellent emulsifying and foaming property. It is applied in shampoo, bubble bath agent and hand cleaner. In addition, it is used as foaming agent of toothpaste and hair shampoo. In other fields, it is used as emulsifying agent, fire extinguishing agent, electroplating additive.

Packaging and storage:

Powder/particle K12 should be preserved in 25kg paper bags lined with plastic film;

Liquid K12 should be preserved in 100kg or 200kg plastic drum;

Should be preserved in cool and dry place;

Shelf life is 1 year.

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