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Agrochemical additives

Abstergent LS

Abstergent LS


CAS No.: 10165-56-1

Chemical: p-Methoxy Fatty Acylamino-Phenylsulfonic Acid

Quality index:

Appearance Active matter PH value
(1% Aq.Solution)
Diffusion capacity Cleaning power Ionicity
rice brown powdery matter
100±5% of standard
Similar to standard


Soluble in water easily; Suitable for washing and penetration aids of top-grade wool products, give a good hand touch and fullness. Also apply ice to leveling agent for removing floating fabric color and reducing acid dye after the printing dyeing fabrics dyed by ice dyes. It can be used as the deflocculating agent in agriculture.

Packaging and Storage: 50kg Paper barrel. Stored at room temperature in dark place, Storage period is one year.

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